From Making the Right Connections to Enabling Connected Intelligence

B+B Electronics SmartSensing Website

There’s an obvious trend with our manufacturing clients that produce finished goods, to transition from producing “things” to providing “solutions.” It’s an interesting shift because it forces a company to think differently about their sales proposition, and in turn, how the content of their marketing materials should be formed.

We recently worked with B & B Electronics through this brand shift – transforming the company from a manufacturer and distributor of hardware to a provider of solutions for intelligent network connections. The undertaking meant many new things for our client. Besides a new message and brand promise, there was a dramatic change in where marketing dollars were invested.

Historically, we produced quarterly printed catalogs where products were merchandised and priced for direct sales. Supporting these product catalogs were a myriad of data sheets, user guides and traditional sales literature featuring specifications and diagrams, and a traditional e-commerce website…all the things a company needs to sell individual products.

Today, the shift towards selling solutions means far less time and energy into product catalogs and far more focus on delivering relevant content through their website and developing strategic partnerships with those that integrate their products and software for larger applications.

In the end, we developed a series of solution-specific microsites that allow B & B to deliver focused content to a particular market segment of customers and prospects – with things like application stories, industry trends and news curation, expert blogs and more. The message and visual presentation of the brand went away from only product photos and specifications to demonstrating how products come together to form solutions that systems integrators and application developers can leverage.

In addition to online content, we re-vamped the look and feel of B & B’s trade exhibit. Again, moving away from a focus on product sales to a message created to support the promise of the new brand. This was produced for Sensors Expo, our client’s largest trade show, and the perfect venue to unveil a massive re-branding initiative.