Changing the Shape of Metal

Changing the Shape of Metal

Ignition is happy to be working with Roper Whitney, a manufacturing company with deep roots in Rockford, IL dating back to 1910.

Roper Whitney is known worldwide for its high-quality tools and capital equipment for sheet metal component forming. Having been recently purchased by Tennsmith, it was time for Roper Whitney to receive a much needed facelift that would reinforce their position as a top U.S. manufacturer in the metal forming industry… and launch them into a whole new sales and marketing campaign.

The facelift was a large undertaking. The result of our creative process was a new corporate logo. Optically speaking, it’s a precisely bent metal shape. But it also represents the forward direction of the company's growth, and at the same time retains the patriotic color scheme of the American manufacturer.

To accompany the logo, we created "Changing the Shape of Metal", a tagline that resonates with Roper Whitney as well as the customers they serve.

There's a lot more to come for Roper Whitney. New sales literature, videos, website development, email marketing and much more. We're excited to be a part of their transformation.