When It’s Make or Break

When It's Make or Break

Zenith Cutter has been a manufacturer of industrial machine knives for more than 100 years. Overall, the company’s perception in the marketplace was that of high-quality and dependable customer service. However, Zenith came to Ignition with a few sizable challenges to overcome in terms of who they sell to and how to best go to market.

We worked side-by-side with Zenith’s marketing team to develop all-new value propositions for each of the market segments they target. We uncovered that in almost all cases, their products were an essential component to their customer’s manufacturing processes…either to make finished goods, or to break down materials for recycling. It was apparent that the current corporate marketing message and brand promise needed to be enhanced to tell this story.

We knew the logo itself wasn’t going to change because it had quite a bit of equity and recognition. However, we did have an opportunity to address the tagline and marketing message…and look at how this change would affect Zenith’s marketing materials.

As a result of further creative thought, we unveiled WHEN IT’S MAKE OR BREAK to senior management and the concept was overwhelmingly adopted.

Since then, Ignition has helped Zenith Cutter make the concept an integral part of the company’s culture - from the factory floor to sales strategies to outbound marketing efforts.