Let's Get Social

OLFA North America has two distinct divisions to their business, OLFA Professional and OLFA Craft. Each division has a unique audience with very little crossover. Ignition was brought on-board to plan and execute a full-scale social media program for OLFA Craft, one of the largest brands of cutting tools for quilters, crafters, and cosplay.

The Full Experience

For OLFA Craft, our team focuses on platform growth and engagement of Facebook and Instagram (from organic content to paid strategies) through contests, giveaways, project inspiration, brand ambassador programs, and the power of user-generated content. The result is building and sustaining an ever-growing digital footprint for our client.

What's Next

Future plans include conversion strategies that would connect social media platforms to online shopping experiences for the ultimate in gauging ROI. It's exciting to be part of this company's digital journey.

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