Brand Discovery

Ignition was hired to help Zenith with the challenges of reaching targeted audiences across several different industries. In-depth analysis of each market segment revealed that Zenith products (though physically small) were a vital component to their customer's manufacturing processes…either to make finished goods, or to break down materials for recycling.

Keeping the industry recognized corporate logo intact, we unveiled a new marketing message - “WHEN IT'S MAKE OR BREAK” This new message communicates to customers that choosing Zenith as an OEM partner or as a replacement knives manufacturer is a critical choice and could have lasting implications.

Brand Alignment

Zenith would soon be poised to go to market with a new-found attitude designed to reinforce their position as an industry leader. With the new marketing message, we overhauled several existing product brands and developed ground-floor sales materials for targeting both OEMs and end-users.

Best Knives On The Planet

Today, our message is an ever-present component in all of Zenith's coordinated marketing materials at virtually all points of customer contact – website, product literature, e-blasts, interior signage, and all points in-between.

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